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Diamonds, the other way around!

CVD single crystal diamond Blancs – Mechanical grade

4p GeoA means (100) top and bottom face, (110) side faces.
Growth side: as-grown, nucleation side: laser-cut; 4° off-axis, with nitrogen

Our blancs are grown via heteroepitaxy: dislocation density (~10^7 cm-2), higher than for typical homoepitaxial seed substrate (10^5-10^6 cm-2); dislocation density doesn´t influence the optical properties of the grown diamonds but diamond growth is more complex due to easier build-up of stress at non-appropriate growth parameters; we grow exclusively on 4 inch wafer size on our Si/YSZ/Ir substrates. Experience of our long-term customers: they had to adapt their growth parameters with respect to “conventional” seeds; they are driven by the benefit of availability of larger area.

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